About us

Bythlon is a startup founded end of 2019 in Taiwan. We are located in the heart of Taipei City. Taiwan’s capital is a vibrant and multinational metropolis that combines historic and modern buildings and diversified economy. Taipei is often found ranked in several of the Top Ten of the best places to live for expatriates.

Bythlon’s mission to improve everyone’s cycling experience, safety, and performance would not have been come to fruition without the friendly support of Taipei City Government’s startup subsidies.

After a careful vetting process of our technology, approach, and business plan by ITRI, Taiwan’s leading industrial technology research institute, we have been awarded start/up subsidies at the beginning of 2020.

Martin Feuerhahn started the Bythlon project out of his frustration, not being able to find a clipless pedal that worked for him. Sure, just like everyone else, he had been trying to ‘get used to it,’ but he was always slightly uncomfortable with the idea to be locked in.

Cycling fast with cleats and bike shoes is a great experience. You feel how efficiently the power transfers from your body into the bike and propels you forward. Yet, this can change in a split second. An unexpected stop or very steep hill that slows you down to a stillstand are just a few of the situations where you regret having chained yourself to your bike.

If you get caught by surprise, it doesn’t matter how often you practiced to ‘wiggle out.’ Instinct kicks in and your body will intuitively pull at the pedal instead of twisting.

If you even have time for this at all. We see every Tour de France season the helpless faces of pro-riders hitting the ground since they can’t bail out. If they can’t, how are our chances?

Martin crashed in March 2015 during his first 113-kilometer triathlon. His front wheel touched the curbside during the first turn out of the transition. Being tied to my bike, he couldn’t balance it out and went over the barrier four meters down. Very luckily, he fell into the soft mud of an abandoned rice field, walked away with scratches, and completed the race.

That day was the starting point for Bythlon.

Ride fast, ride safe,

The Bythlon team.



Founded in 2019 in Taipei, Bythlon makes performance-oriented cycling safer. For years we researched the ergonomics of cycling and safety related issues before launching the Bythlon safety performance pedal system.  

Martin Feuerhahn, Founder and CEO

      Martin Feuerhahn's Linkedin Profile

Martin has over 25 years of experience in the international hardware industry, corporate management, and co-founded several successful startups. He has developed the Bythlon Pedal system technology and assembled a startup team with complimenting experiences and skillsets. Martin is an active age-group endurance athlete, finished several Marathon and Ironman races. His personal experience of crashing his bike during his first half-Ironman in 2015 initiated the Bythlon project.


Yi-Ching Hsu, Co-Founder, Sales and Marketing

Yi-Ching Hsu   Yi-Ching Hsu Linkedin Profile

Yi-Ching was a high school and collegial field and track athlete before traveling the world. She is now working as a lifestyle coach and fitness ambassador, empowering women to take charge of their nutrition, mental, physical health, and fitness. She joined Bythlon to encourage more women to take up biking as part of their endurance training.


Oliver Feuerhahn, Co-Founder, Digital Business

Oliver Feuerhahn    Oliver Feuerhahn Linkedin Profile

Oliver played in the Taiwan Football Premier League and is currently enrolled at Minerva Schools at KGI, a university program headquartered in San Francisco that rotates the students through seven cities around the world during their eight semesters. Oliver worked in and with crowdfunded startups since 2016. He joined Bythlon for a practical approach to his research interests, 'Digital Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs), and their disruption of the retail and consumer brand landscape.'

Das Pedal das befreit - nie wieder einklicken!
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